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the five elements of our structures


    Permanent or temporary: the flexibility of the various components combined with state-of-the-art technological systems makes our structures multifunctional and adaptable to many different events. The use of steel allows each temporary facility to be assembled and disassembled in a short time, making these types of stadiums perfectly suitable for significant sporting events and short duration as the Olympics, optimizing costs to the maximum. The module of the stands allows each system to assume, at a low expense, endless configurations concerning the sporting discipline for which it is used.


    FlexArena respects the environment by always promoting environmentally sustainable initiatives. Our arenas are a true example of green-energy facilities that use materials from renewable sources for more than 75%, reducing consumption and waste. The concept of sustainability guides our choices from the earliest stages of design with the constant search for zero impact solutions, the reduction of CO2 consumption, the reduction of the use of paper and plastic, the intensive use of recyclable materials and alternative energy sources. FlexArena activates circular economy systems through the reuse of structures.


    All our facilities are equipped with high-tech communication and security systems. The current scenario provides for high standards in terms of connectivity and digitization to encourage and facilitate the spectator in the event’s story through social platforms and touchpoints. In each FlexArena facility, there is an integrated mobile network Wi-Fi system, which offers a constant, stable, and fast connection. A team of experienced developers can create mobile apps and the integrated management of services such as ticketing, hospitality, merchandising, and services related to the entire infrastructure.


    FlexArena structures are born thanks to an industrialized project that offers multiple customizations, transformation, and reuse of each component. Finishing elements, characterization, materials, technologies, energy efficiency systems respond to the needs of each customer, adapting perfectly to the territorial context and always ensuring the highest quality standards. Although it results from a fast, efficient, and field-validated standard, each step of the process will be “sewn” on the customer’s specific needs, giving life to a unique and inimitable stage.


    Using FlexArena systems means guaranteeing a significant reduction in direct and indirect costs, eliminating waste and downtime, eliminated by the modularity of the entire structure. With the transversal services that can be implemented on the client’s needs, you maximize the revenues derived from use for 365 days a year. New stages and interventions on existing structures give them a second life cycle through the modernization of services and significant components in coherence with the previous architectural path.

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